Conservation Worker

Eager to help the environment, Conservation Workers protect, manage and enhance the local environment – including grassland, woodland, rivers, forests, coasts and mountains near the railway. They provide advice and recommendations to decision-makers, raise awareness of environmental issues and contribute to the creation of action plans.

Commercial and Property Manager

Commercial and Property Managers are responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of buildings and offices. They have a good understanding of business needs and the local economy, as well as budget management experience. If you have good communication and administrative skills and the ability to interpret data, Commercial and Property Manager could be the role …

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Business Development Manager

A Business Development Manager identifies new business opportunities to help the business grow. They are highly motivated, confident and good at building relationship-building and achieving targets.

Human Resources Manager

As an HR Manager, or Personnel Manager, you will be responsible for the organisation’s human resources practices, processes and strategies. Your duties will include overseeing the recruitment process, planning and implementing training programs for staff and ensuring that employees follow best practices and company policies.

Human Resources Assistant

With a passion for people, the HR Assistant provides support to senior HR team members. Duties include recruiting and training new employees, assisting with the planning and implementation of training for existing employees and ensuring the smooth operation of the HR department.

Learning & Development Trainer

Learning and Development Trainers equip staff with the knowledge, practical skills and motivation to carry out their work activities effectively. They work with senior leaders to plan learning and development – thereby enhancing the long-term capabilities and professional development of an organisation’s workforce.

Learning & Development Manager

Learning and Development Managers identify the current and future skills requirements of an organisation and create learning programmes to meet these requirements. They have good knowledge of company objectives and the industry, which allows them to understand the training and development needs of the organisation.

Learning & Development Designer

As a Learning and Development Designer, you will help identify the current and future skills requirements of an organisation and create learning programmes to meet these requirements. You are passionate about people and their professional development.

Customer Service Manager

Customer Service Managers oversee customer service teams and are responsible for establishing strong customer relationships, creating customer service policies and working with their team to meet customer satisfaction targets. As a Customer Service Manager, you are a good listener and have excellent verbal and people skills.