Environment & Sustainability

Landscape Architect

Landscape Architects design outdoor spaces such as parks, gardens and playgrounds. They know where to place flowers, shrubs, trees, footpaths and more to create the best function for an outdoor space. If you are creative and have an eye for detail, are committed to sustainability and love plants, Landscape Architecture might be an ideal career

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Environmental Scientist

Environmental Scientists aid the railway in keeping negative environmental impacts to a minimum. They gather samples and observational data to conduct tests in a lab, to identify ways to minimise the environmental impact of the railway. If you enjoy solving problems and are passionate about science and the environment, then a career as an Environmental

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Conservation Worker

Eager to help the environment, Conservation Workers protect, manage and enhance the local environment – including grassland, woodland, rivers, forests, coasts and mountains near the railway. They provide advice and recommendations to decision-makers, raise awareness of environmental issues and contribute to the creation of action plans.

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Air Quality Control Specialist

Enthusiastic about caring for the environment, Air Quality Control Specialists are trained to research, inspect and investigate air pollution levels, and take the necessary steps to ensure good air quality. They perform duties such as sampling and testing air quality, investigating public complaints and working to address air pollution issues such as toxic mould.

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