Employer Spotlight: HS2


Employer Spotlight: HS2

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Rail will need tens of thousands of new people in the coming decades to deliver big projects with billions of pounds of investment. The biggest of these projects is HS2.

HS2 is Britain’s new high-speed rail line being built from London to the North-West. Almost 30,000 people are helping build HS2 and there will be 2,000 apprenticeship opportunities over the lifetime of the project. Read on to find out more about HS2, what it’s like working with them and to discover the latest HS2 career opportunities.

About HS2

HS2 trains will link the biggest cities in Scotland with Manchester, Birmingham and London. It is the largest infrastructure project in Europe and the most important economic and social regeneration project in decades.

HS2 will integrate with new lines and upgrades across Britain’s rail system to deliver faster travel to many towns and cities across Britain not directly on the HS2 route, including Liverpool, Sheffield, Leeds, Nottingham and Derby. The Government is planning over 260 miles of new high-speed line across the country. The new high-speed line is already under construction between the West Midlands and London, employing nearly 30,000 people.

HS2 is being built to the highest standards, using world-class engineering to protect the countryside, protect local communities and cut carbon.

Working at HS2

Almost 30,000 people are helping to build Britain’s new low-carbon, high-speed railway. HS2 has committed to creating 2,000 apprenticeships over the lifetime of the project, and to date over 1,200 people have already started or completed an apprenticeship with us. The size and scale of HS2’s construction programme mean it offers a broad range of career opportunities.

So, whether you’re looking for a hands-on construction role, or the opportunity to join one of the many support teams that work behind the scenes, there really is something for everyone.

There are lots of videos to watch and resources to look through, to find out exactly what working at HS2 is like. Visit the HS2 YouTube channel and watch the apprentice video series, or see the HS2 educational resources on their website.

Discover opportunities at HS2

For details of all the latest career opportunities with HS2, their construction partners and the wider supply chain, visit hs2.org.uk/careers