Adam Dickinson Case Study

Adam Dickinson Case Study

I have been working for Amey since 2015. My current role of Assistant Civil Engineer is split between office and sitework. Office days include writing up reports, producing CAD drawings, carrying out calculations on bridges and preparing for further sitework.

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The site work varies from job to job and can take me all over the country. This can include different types of access to the structures in the form of rope access work, driving MEWPs, going into confined spaces or simply climbing a ladder.

What route did you take from school to where you are today? 

I joined Amey straight after college and applied for an apprenticeship with Amey where I have completed my HNC and then went on to do a Degree in Civil engineering.

Where did your career in rail begin?

After college I knew university wasn’t for me and I started looking around for different apprenticeships and none of them really stood out.

I have always enjoyed investigating, fixing and repairing things, so I have always been interested in the Engineering route. The position became available and the split between site and office work appealed to me as well as the many opportunities to develop myself and gain qualifications.

What piece of advice would you give someone considering a career in rail, or a career in your field (e.g. engineering, analytics etc.) in rail?

If you are interested in a job that is split between office and site with every day and job being different then my advice would be to undertake an apprenticeship or graduate programme where then you can earn whilst learning and develop a career with many opportunities and routes that you could go in to.

What is your favourite thing about your job?

The diverse nature of the job and the locations and sites that we go to, which not many people can see or are allowed into this can vary from Inspecting small culverts under roads to massive viaducts

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