Amey Consulting’s Environmental Practitioner Apprenticeship Programme Tackles Future Skills Gap


Amey Consulting’s Environmental Practitioner Apprenticeship Programme Tackles Future Skills Gap

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Amey Consulting’s new Environmental Practitioner Apprenticeship Programme will develop key environmental skills and build capacity to deliver sustainable net zero infrastructure.

The programme gives school leavers the opportunity to work towards an Environmental Management degree while gaining experience in Amey Consulting’s Environment and Sustainability team. The five-year, fully funded course took in its first cohort in September 2021.

Specifically developed by academic and industry experts, the course addresses the environmental skills gap and supports the UK in reducing its carbon footprint and growing its infrastructure network sustainably. It includes modules in environmental assessment and ecology, air quality, carbon modelling and landscape architecture as well as equipping participants with skills in managing and interpreting environmental data.

Partnering with Coventry University, the programme is IEMA-accredited, so degree apprentices will achieve Practitioner level professional membership on graduation – the gold standard for Environmental Management professionals.

Ellie Brewer, E&S Practitioner Degree Apprentice, explained the advantages of the scheme for her: “I chose this apprenticeship with Amey Consulting because it will allow me to help make a positive change to the environment, which is something I am passionate about. I have an interest in ecology and the earth’s natural environment so felt that the work would be enjoyable and rewarding.

“Amey is a renowned company and, after meeting people at my interview, it seemed like an exciting and empowering community to be a part of. I also liked the combination of work experience and study, rather than 100% study at university, and it is a massive bonus to come out with a degree and no debt.”

Amey Consulting’s Environmental and Sustainability team will support and mentor apprentices working with high-profile clients, such as National Highways and Network Rail, with opportunities in Birmingham, Crawley, Liverpool, Sheffield and York.

Alex Gilbert, Managing Director, said: “There is a growing need for a diverse, skilled workforce who can tackle the many environmental challenges we now face globally. Together with our University and educational partners, I’m proud that Amey Consulting is playing a part in developing and supporting the next generation of experts in decarbonisation through our Degree Apprenticeship Programmes.”