Business Analyst

Business Analysts are responsible for turning data into insights that can drive business decisions. They conduct research and analyse the data they collect, using their findings to suggest improvements to businesses and industries. Business Analysts enjoy developing and sustaining relationships with a range of stakeholders.

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Human Resources Manager

As an HR Manager, or Personnel Manager, you will be responsible for the organisation’s human resources practices, processes and strategies. Your duties will include overseeing the recruitment process, planning and implementing training programs for staff and ensuring that employees follow best practices and company policies.

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Human Resources Assistant

With a passion for people, the HR Assistant provides support to senior HR team members. Duties include recruiting and training new employees, assisting with the planning and implementation of training for existing employees and ensuring the smooth operation of the HR department.

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Graphic designer

Graphic Designers create designs and visual concepts for organisations, products and services. A typical day will include meeting with clients to understand the requirements of a project and creating and designing content such as posters, web pages and leaflets. If you love seeing your creative designs come to life, then a career as a Graphic

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Finance Manager

Finance Managers oversee the finances of a company, are responsible for budget planning and offer insights and financial advice to the management team. This role is great for people who are organised and confident with numbers.

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Web Developer

Web Developers are responsible for the design and construction of websites. They ensure that sites meet user expectations, look good and run smoothly. If you are both creative and good with IT, this is a great role for you.

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Accountants monitor the financial health of a company and advise senior managers on budgeting and forecasting. If you have an interest in numbers and are organised and methodical, an Accounting career could be for you.

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Learning & Development Trainer

Learning and Development Trainers equip staff with the knowledge, practical skills and motivation to carry out their work activities effectively. They work with senior leaders to plan learning and development – thereby enhancing the long-term capabilities and professional development of an organisation’s workforce.

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